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A young dog in recovery from an operation at Cape Veterinary Clinic.One of our highly trained vets examining an x-ray.

Pet vaccinations

A vaccine is a preparation introduced into the body to provide immunity against a disease. Vaccinations ensure the immune system can recognise and respond to certain infections before they can cause serious illness.

Many of the diseases that are vaccinated against have no specific cure. We recommend core-vaccination against diseases that can be debilitating or life-threatening and can be spread between individuals.


Rabies Vaccination and the Pet Passport Scheme

We are lucky in the UK to be officially free from rabies therefore there is no need to vaccinate dogs who are going to stay in the UK. However, should you wish to travel abroad with your pet through the Pet Passport Scheme, you will need to follow a strict procedure involving microchipping and vaccination in order to obtain a passport for travel.

Please see Pet Passports for more information.