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Neutering Your Rabbit

Rabbits are naturally sociable animals and like company so one of the main reasons why you should neuter your rabbit is that you can have more than one bunny without worrying about them breeding or fighting. By neutering your bunny they may become less territorial and calmer.

Rabbit neutering procedures are usually performed on a day-patient basis, meaning the rabbit can be back at home overnight. We like to ensure that they are eating post operatively and will syringe feed them if necessary.

Please make sure you book an appointment with one of our vets if you are thinking about neutering your bunny. We can then discuss the procedure with you fully.
We have a special anaesthetic protocol designed purely for rabbits here at Cape Vets to ensure that the anaesthetic is as safe as possible and that we control pain as best possible.
Castration is a simple procedure that can be performed from 12 weeks of age, once the testicles have descended.

Male rabbits can be especially territorial, meaning they can be more prone to spraying or being aggressive and often cannot live happily with other bunnies because of this behaviour.

Spaying is also very important for female rabbits. We usually spay rabbits from 4-5 months of age.
Females also have a tendency to become territorial or aggressive from about 4-6 months of age, as they become mature.

They can have false pregnancies and can become aggressive with other rabbits, sometimes even with their loving owners!

Spayed females may live longer as there is a great reduction in the risk of uterine cancer and infection (pyometra). If not neutered up to 80% of female rabbits may get uterine cancer by the time they reach 6 years of age.

Should you have any queries regarding our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.