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A very beautiful and young dog.One of our highly trained vets examining an x-ray.

Dogs anti-parasite treatment


There are three different types or families of worm that we need to protect against in the UK: Roundworms, Tapeworms and Lungworm. For this reason we like to have an individual consultation with all our clients, to find out what preventative measures you have in place, but also to offer advice on the best products to use for your individual dog.

Lungworm in particular has been associated with serious disease that in certain cases has been fatal. Please speak to us for advice on the best Lungworm preventative.

Each of these worms can cause serious disease and in some cases can be life-threatening so prevention is vitally important for the health of your dog.

It is very important to realise that no one product will kill all these worms so in most cases a combination of medications to prevent infestations will be prescribed. We can advise you of the correct combination and dosing when we meet you. Please always ask us for advice if you are unsure or have any concerns.

Most pups will have a certain number of worms that they have picked up from their mothers, even if all the dogs in their previous home were wormed perfectly! We usually recommend a more intensive worming protocol for new puppies, usually every 2 weeks until your pup is 12 weeks old. In older dogs we usually discuss your dog's lifestyle and advise worming on an individual basis.



There are many different parasites that can be found on the skin, these include fleas, but different types of mites and lice can also cause health problems.

There are certain medications that may be suitable for your dog that prevent infestations of combinations of these parasites.

Fleas are the most common of these parasites. Fleas can carry one of the lifecycle stages of the tapeworm therefore your dog may become infected with tapeworm through a flea bite. For this reason, we always advise treating both fleas and worms in all dogs.

It is important to use a veterinary-recommended product every 4 weeks to prevent fleas and other skin parasites becoming a problem. Where fleas are already a problem, we may recommend treating your house as animals can become re-infected from any eggs or larvae that may have dropped off your pet into the home.