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Veterinary nurses at work with two young puppiesA view of the Cape Veterinary shop.

Puppy socialisation

Alongside vaccination, parasite control and nutrition, puppy socialisation is one of the most important aspects of the first months of a puppy's life in its new home. It is well recognised that a 'window period' of socialisation exists between 8 to 12 weeks of age. At this stage we recommend puppies be exposed to as many 'normal' social events as possible. This includes anything they are likely to experience in their life with you like other pets, cars and traffic, children and noises. It is vital that pups meet as many other dogs as possible so they can learn the various social signals at a time when they are most receptive. They will learn to readily accept other dogs and cats if they regularly have a chance to interact at this young age. We can discuss all aspects of your puppy's training and behaviour and can also recommend a number of local trainers who run puppy socialisation clinics, progressing to training classes for various ages of dogs.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation to ensure your pup gets off to the best start possible.