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Doug Hall, owner of Cape Veterinary ClinicBlack and white dog.

Pet passports

From the 1st January 2012 there is a wait of only 21 days from the date the rabies vaccination was given, before your pet can re-enter the UK.

Your pet will need booster vaccinations. The period between boosters will be dictated by the vaccine manufacturer's data sheet. Currently our time frame between boosters is 3 years. This due date is indicated in your passport and the vaccination needs to be given ON or BEFORE this due date to maintain your pet's passport. The Cape Veterinary Clinic will send you two vaccination reminders but it is the responsibility of the Owner to arrange a booster vaccination appointment. If the due date is missed your pet will not meet the conditions of the pet passport scheme and will need to be re-vaccinated. The 21-day waiting period will apply again before your pet can travel.

Please be aware that there are diseases such as heartworm and leishmaniasis which do not occur in this country, but are present, for example, in Mediterranean areas. We advise taking preventative measures and recommend contacting The Cape Veterinary Clinic for advice at least two months before travelling. It is recommended that owners contact the authorities of the country they are intending to visit for any additional entry requirements.


Preparing your Pet for a Passport

Stage 1:
Have your pet micro-chipped. This is essential for identification purposes and must be done prior to commencing any vaccinations.

Stage 2:
Have your pet vaccinated. The rabies vaccine can be given at any time after the implanting of the microchip, which must be read, checked and recorded. Post vaccination the waiting period before entry into the UK is 21 days after 1st vaccination date. There is no further waiting period provided rabies boosters are kept up to date.

Stage 3:
Passport is issued. This document will contain owner details, pet's details, vaccination details and most importantly the PERIOD OF VALIDITY of the passport.

Stage 4:
Before re-entering the UK, all DOGS must be treated for tapeworm. This must be done between 24 hrs and 120 hrs (1-5days) before scheduled arrival in UK. There is no longer a requirement for tick treatment.

Stage 5:
It is advised that your pet travels with an approved transport company on an authorised route.