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A young cat brought into Cape Veterinary Clinic in a cat box.A view of the Cape Veterinary shop.

Advice on behavioural problems

Here at Cape Vets we believe that appropriate behaviour is key to having a happy, healthy pet. If there is any behaviour that you feel might be ‘unsociable' or inappropriate for your home environment, it may help to look into ways of managing and positively reinforcing the ‘good' behaviour that you would naturally prefer.

We very strongly believe that initial training and socialisation, started at a young age, will help to build a firm foundation for a confident, happy, well behaved pet in the future. Please see our ‘Socialisation' section for further information on puppy classes and basic training.

We can offer advice on puppy socialisation, toilet training, basic training and more complex issues such as inappropriate chewing, biting or even just jumping up. We work closely with local behaviourists and may recommend a referral to a specialist behaviourist who can work with you and your animal on a one to one, or occasionally a group, basis.

Fireworks are becoming an increasing concern for dogs that are sensitive to loud noises. There are several behavioural techniques for calming dogs that are afraid of fireworks but we can also discuss medications if these are deemed necessary.

Increasingly we are also seeing cats and rabbits for behavioural issues, so whether you have a cat, dog or even a rabbit, if you have any concerns at all about their behaviour, please do not hesitate to get in touch.