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Veterinary nurses at work with two young puppiesBlack and white dog.


Microchipping is now recognised as the most effective and secure way of permanently identifying your cat or dog.

A unique number is registered to your pet and that is entered on a national database with your details.

The microchip is implanted quickly in a routine appointment (some people choose to wait until neutering and have it inserted whilst under the general anaesthetic) into a position between the shoulder blades - some animals do not seem to notice it especially as we do employ good distraction techniques!

The chip is read by a 'standard' scanner which vets, local authorities, charities, animal welfare organisations etc. have so they can check any animal that comes into them as 'stray'.

Have your cat or dog microchipped today and gain the assurance that should the worst happen and they are lost or stolen they have a very good chance of being reunited with you.