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A beautiful, yellow-eyed cat receiving treatment. Doug Hall feeding a well-loved client.


30th May 2019Paws For Thought- Article 9

Arthritis   We are in the midst of National Dog Mobility Awareness Week (27th May to the 2nd June) and so we thought it would be a good time to release this article about...

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23rd May 2019Paws For Thought- Article 8

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Husbandry   It's time for us to give our smaller patients some of the limelight- this week we're discussing rabbits and guinea pigs and giving you some...

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9th May 2019Paws For Thought- Article 7

Environmental Allergens. Hayfever season is upon us, and if you're someone who suffers with allergies then those dry spring days that most people dream of may be starting to fill...

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17th April 2019Paws For Thought- Article 6

Easter Toxins I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the Easter break and all the chocolate eggs that are going to be given (and received)!! Delicious as they may be...

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11th April 2019Paws For Thought Article 5

Vestibular syndrome.   Last week we had one of our lovely patients Brownie in with suspected vestibular syndrome. Due to the severity of the symptoms associated with this issue,...

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28th March 2019Paws for thought- Article 4

Have you "TICKed" off your pet's parasite protection?   We're pleased to see that the weather is improving but unfortunately with the sunshine and warmer temperatures, we...

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14th March 2019Paws for thought- Article 3

Reducing Nervous Behaviour at the Vets   With the growing success of our Puppy Pre-school (run by our head nurse Sam and receptionist Annie) we are seeing that our new puppies...

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28th February 2019Paws for thought- Article 2

  Xylitol poisoning- a case study   Xylitol is a sweetener which is commonly found in chewing gum and sugar free confectionary cakes and soft drinks. It doesn't sound too...

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21st February 2019Paws for thought - Article 1

The Importance of Vaccination In light of the sad news that three puppies have died in three days in the UK as a result of Parvovirus, we thought we should update you all on...

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18th February 2019Puppy Preschool

PUPPY PRE-SCHOOL!   We now run puppy pre-school classes here at the Cape Veterinary Clinic!   It is a 3 week course, and has a variety of content including: General...

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