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A beautiful, yellow-eyed cat receiving treatment. Doug Hall feeding a well-loved client.


2nd August 2019Paws For Thought- Article 13

FLY-STRIKE ("MYIASIS")   Pets living outdoors (most commonly rabbits and guinea pigs) in the summer are at risk of developing a serious condition called 'Fly-strike' (known...

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24th July 2019Paws For Thought- Article 12

"HOT topics"   With the heat wave upon us, we wanted to send out an article about how to deal with the hot weather! I'm sure all of you will have seen the adverts reminding...

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4th July 2019Paws For Thought- Article 11

Bee Stings and Anaphylaxis   With the arrival of the summer flowers comes the bees, and if you're starting to think about getting the BBQ out in this nice weather, it won't...

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10th June 2019Paws For Thought- Article 10

Lyme disease   Following on from our article in March about the risks associated with Ticks, we wanted to go into more detail regarding a disease that is transmitted by ticks...

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30th May 2019Paws For Thought- Article 9

Arthritis   We are in the midst of National Dog Mobility Awareness Week (27th May to the 2nd June) and so we thought it would be a good time to release this article about...

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23rd May 2019Paws For Thought- Article 8

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Husbandry   It's time for us to give our smaller patients some of the limelight- this week we're discussing rabbits and guinea pigs and giving you some...

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9th May 2019Paws For Thought- Article 7

Environmental Allergens. Hayfever season is upon us, and if you're someone who suffers with allergies then those dry spring days that most people dream of may be starting to fill...

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17th April 2019Paws For Thought- Article 6

Easter Toxins I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the Easter break and all the chocolate eggs that are going to be given (and received)!! Delicious as they may be...

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11th April 2019Paws For Thought Article 5

Vestibular syndrome.   Last week we had one of our lovely patients Brownie in with suspected vestibular syndrome. Due to the severity of the symptoms associated with this issue,...

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28th March 2019Paws for thought- Article 4

Have you "TICKed" off your pet's parasite protection?   We're pleased to see that the weather is improving but unfortunately with the sunshine and warmer temperatures, we...

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