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A beautiful, yellow-eyed cat receiving treatment. Doug Hall feeding a well-loved client.

Ned...Our Hero

25th July 2011
It was Thursday night. May 12th.

I was in bed, having just gone to sleep. Ned was in his usual position, on the floor beside me. I sort of woke up as I heard Ned give a deep woof, then another, and then charge out the bedroom door. In the next few seconds I became fully awake, as the sound of a piercing scream reached me from downstairs. Oblivious to the unfolding danger, Ned had gone into the lounge and started barking at Samantha, my 21 year old daughter, while she sat on the couch watching television.

I jumped out of bed and raced downstairs, to be met with a wall of smoke at the bottom of the stairs.
In our dazed states, we determined that this was serious. Really serious.
I bundled Ned into the car, then raced into Tom's bedroom... while Sam rang the fire brigade.

Standing on the front lawn, we watched helplessly as the smoke engulfed the house, room by room. They were here in about 5 minutes... two trucks, nine crew, lights blazing. The neighbours started appearing. Hoses, masks, torches, all the gear came out and they entered the house from two angles. This was after the 'chief' came over to me and said they would try and 'minimize' the damage. I was shaking from shock, fear, and panic that I hadn't grabbed the photo albums. Seconds seemed like minutes, while they quickly worked out that the dishwasher was on fire.

Fortunately, all was contained quickly and the only damage was smoke damage. However, this was not minor.

It was very scary.

If another 3 minutes had passed, the firemen said that the smouldering cabinets would have been in flames. Then it is over very quickly.

The smoke detectors, all positioned in the recommended places, started going off just as the fireman entered the house!

Ned saved the house... the photo albums.... and possibly us, too.

An eternally grateful Mum and family!