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A beautiful, yellow-eyed cat receiving treatment. Doug Hall feeding a well-loved client.

The Cape Veterinary Clinic commitment to Feline Care

13th August 2010
We are currently displaying information in reception on our ‘Circle of Feline Life’. Here we will give a brief summary of the information and we encourage you to pop in and have a look at our board, talk to us about any aspect of feline care or make an appointment to have a tour of our facilities and hospital.

Our circle of life looks at elements of feline care both essential and age specific from birth to 19+. There are a lot of things which remain a consistent requirement throughout your cats’ life:

• Good balanced nutrition

• Oral health

• Preventative health care – vaccinations, flea and worm prevention

• Behaviour – understanding and adapting

• Insurance

We also look into specifics throughout your cats’ life:

• Birth to 1 year

• 1 to 5 years

• 5 to 8 years

• 9 to 14 years

• 15 to 19+ years

In each of these age brackets we consider things that change as your cat ages, for example nutrition requirements change with age, obesity and oral care become very important and later in life subtle changes in food and water intake can indicate the onset of disease. We offer support, consideration, expertise and compassion throughout your pets’ life.

As we all own cats or dogs we treat all patients to our clinic as if they were our own.

Next will be our Circle of Canine Care so please come back or visit us soon to see what’s new.