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A beautiful, yellow-eyed cat receiving treatment. Doug Hall feeding a well-loved client.

Rabbit Month at The Cape

23rd April 2010
Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK and are increasing in popularity, so now more than ever getting the correct information is imperative.
Many pet shops will happily sell you a young rabbit with a 'starter kit' - here at The Cape Veterinary Clinic we want to ensure that you get the correct and appropriate information.

What we offer

We offer a complimentary nurse appointment to discuss vaccinations, neutering, husbandry and diet for anyone getting or thinking of getting a rabbit. We would always recommend that an adult or responsible person have the overall responsibility of a rabbit as they do not make an ideal children's pet if they have sole responsibility.

We would recommend insurance as rabbits are capable of having expensive running costs and insurance can help you with this.

We also have available a comprehensive information sheet covering aspects of husbandry, litter training, companionship, neutering and vaccinations. In addition we cover in great depth the importance of good nutrition for the benefit of oral health, gut health and equally important the ever growing problem of obesity in rabbits. Signs of illness or your rabbit beginning to feel unwell are things we also ensure you are informed of.

We have a number of products for sale in reception that we recommend from the Burgess Excel range and are happy to discuss these with you. We are also knowledgeable on products from other manufacturers and will be happy to discuss these with you as requested.

Please ring reception if you would like to book a nurse or vet appointment to talk about any aspects of rabbit care.