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A beautiful, yellow-eyed cat receiving treatment. Doug Hall feeding a well-loved client.


13th January 2020PHONE LINES ARE DOWN 13/01/2020 8AM

Dear All, Unfortunately there has been a power issue on high path road this weekend, and our phone lines are currently not connected. NOTE: We ARE open as normal. If you have an emergency...

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4th November 2019Cape Christmas Open Day 2019!

Open Day 2019! Mulled wine, Snacks, Human and Doggy treats!   We are holding our Annual Christmas themed Open Day at the Cape Veterinary Clinic on Friday the 6th of December...

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1st November 2019Paws For Thought-Article 21

Choosing a Responsible Breeder   As the 3rd and final part to this series on “Choosing A Pet” I will be discussing responsible breeding and how to avoid puppy/kitten...

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17th October 2019Paws For Thought- Article 20

Fearful of Fireworks   Remember, remember the 5th of November...We may know why we celebrate bonfire night each year, but for our pets that are scared of the noises created...

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10th October 2019Paws For Thought- Article 19

Choosing A Pet- Part 2 Following on from Part 1 of "Choosing a Pet", I will be discussing dogs and cats in greater detail in this article. Both species have their own benefits/limitations...

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26th September 2019Paws For Thought- Article 18

Choosing A Pet- Part 1.     If you are thinking of getting a pet- be it the first time you’ve had an animal or adding to a growing menagerie at home, the choice...

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18th September 2019Paws For Thought- Article 17

Dark Nights   With the nights getting longer, you may be concerned about your cat spending more time outdoors in the dark. Cats are generally more active at night as it...

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5th September 2019Paws For Thought- Article 16

Parasite Control   It is starting to feel more Autumnal, and although you would expect a reduction in fleas and other parasites as the temperature drops, we wanted to highlight...

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29th August 2019Paws For Thought- Article 15

Common Feline Urinary Issues I'm sure a lot of you saw our recent post on Facebook about gorgeous Burty, who presented to us after having suffered with a condition called urethral...

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8th August 2019Paws For Thought- Article 14

Lily Toxicity in Cats Lilies are commonly seen in floral bouquets, but they are also starting to flower out in the garden at the time of year. Many of you will be aware that these...

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